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“Smart school and smart class” is an innovative concept in education. Now a day’s we are living in the age of internet, so our education system is also going to be online. In this environment e learning and online education is the need of this time. Use of internet in schools and education is not only a dream, but it is the necessity of the time. In a smart class there will be computers, projectors, internet connectivity and other multimedia devices such as home theater etc. The role of a teacher may be modified in such new environment. In a smart class students may use internet and this activity can change the old thinking about the students and the learning theory. In beginning, it should be launched as a pilot project in a few schools. The experience and result of these schools leads the future planning. To make a new project in smart school vision, it is very important to invite the expert teachers to play a great role in policy making.


“Smart school smart class” is a very attractive concept in education. It is an innovative concept in education. Smart class needs smart teaching learning environment. In a smart school there may be innovative working system for teachers and in school management. An attractive classroom environment is needed for such type smart and innovative activities. Smart school class will be more attractive, innovative, student friendly, healthy and more interesting class. In a smart class it may possible there to arrange "online classes" by internet. Smart class is a platform for e smart class and online IT class.